Accords Essentiels

Meet Accords Essentiels from J-Line, a fascinating collection of home fragrances that forms a true experience for the senses. Our collection is a tribute to the most beloved scent notes and chords from the world of perfume. Each home fragrance has been carefully composed to transform your home into a unique oasis of fragrance.

Accords Essentiels from J-Line is more than a fragrance collection; it’s an invitation to enrich every space in your home with a delightful scent and its own, unique soul!

Fragrance collection

Musc obscur

Infuse your home with the magnetic charm of Musc Obscur, a captivating blend of soft, sensuous tones and invigorating freshness. This intriguing duality creates an air of mystique reminiscent of a lover’s embrace - tender and intimate, yet revitalising.

Oranger ensoleillé

Savor the delightful balance of vibrant citrus and fragrant florals with Oranger Ensoleillé. Crafted to infuse the captivating essence of a sun-kissed orange grove into your home, this fragrance intertwines delicate orange blossom nuances with lush, airy notes and radiant, zesty orange. Uplift your spirits and reinvigorate your senses with each use, basking in the glow of endless sunshine.

Rose rêveuse

Immerse yourself in the heavenly charm of blossoming roses with Rose Rêveuse. This luminous blend of verdant and tender notes captures the essence
of rose petals, creating a serene and rejuvenating ambiance within your home. Allow the dreamy scent to guide you to a tranquil rose garden, a sanctuary of pure serenity and enchanting nature.

Figue frivole

Submerge yourself in Figue Frivole, a whimsical homage to fig trees flourishing under the Mediterranean sun. This home fragrance embodies the essence of a fig tree through its synthesis of verdant foliage, luscious figs, and woody undertones. Allow the idyll of Figue Frivole to take you to an abundant garden, conjuring the delightful scent of a Mediterranean summer’s eve.

Santal satiné

Discover Santal Satiné, a soothing sandalwood home fragrance that elevates your mood with its sumptuous, woody, and subtly sweet bouquet. Revel in its sophisticated and luxurious essence, enveloping your senses in a satiny cocoon of serenity. Transform your home into a retreat with its welcoming and calming notes, bestowing tranquillity upon your space.

Ambre intime

Unveil the alluring charm of Ambre Intime, a bewitching and mesmerising oriental home fragrance. The resinous and balmy amber accord creates a close and cosy atmosphere, filled with a touch of mystery. Plunge into its enticing aroma and let it carry you to a realm of curiosity and wonder. Adorn any room with Ambre Intime, the epitome of intimacy and warmth.

Bois givré

Retreat to the enchantment of a frost-laden pine forest with Bois Givré. Allow the aroma of evergreens to whisk you away to a realm of tranquillity and stillness. Bois Givré embodies the spirit of Shinrin-Yoku, infusing your home with the invigorating essence of forest therapy. Refresh your surroundings with the revitalising aura of the wilderness, awakening to the energizing force of nature.

Vanille gourmande

Savour the sumptuous aroma of Vanille Gourmande, a vanilla home fragrance
that enchants your senses. Give in to its captivating appeal as it wraps you in a tempting and inviting aura. Fall under the spell of its charming and irresistible essence, experiencing the zenith of indulgence in home fragrance. Transform your home into an opulent sanctum with Vanille Gourmande, a tantalizing delight that fascinates and satisfies.

Product range

Accords Essentiels Candle Small
scented candle
230 gr - 38 u - 1 wick
Accords Essentiels Candle Large
scented candle
470 gr - 52 u - 2 wicks
Accords Essentiels Candle Wide
scented candle
330 gr - 28 u - 3 wicks
Accords Essentiels Fragrance Sticks Small
reed diffusor
250 ml
Accords Essentiels Fragrance Sticks Large
reed diffusor
550 ml